Hi! This is my little slice of the internet! I'm not 100% sure why I decided I wanted to make an official blog- maybe it's born of my want to help people and make even the slightest change, maybe it's because my hand hurts when I'm trying to write journal entries. Who knows? Not me!

My name is Shayla and I'm 28 years old. I was diagnosed with depression when I was a young teen and as I grew older, I had anxiety, borderline personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder added to the roster. While my mental health has been a huge source of problems in my life, I've also experienced numerous traumatic events and hardships- and I continue to work through them to this day.

Whether you're here to understand mental health better, here to remind yourself that you're not alone in your struggles or any reason in-between: welcome.


Bad Days Happen. And That's Okay.

Updated: Jan 1

Although, if I were being entirely honest, it doesn't feel okay. Today is one of those days: the kind of day where my mood drops down into the dark place and I can't swim back up to the surface. Unlike being triggered into this, I just kind of blink and realize I'm here. Now that I look back, there were some telltale signs last night that I might be heading down, but either way there's not much I can do when it comes to these. ... I felt like I had a lot to say, to blog about, but.. I guess not. I'm feeling too tired and kind of, like, empty and really just not having any of the day. In short, I feel awful. Eyes stinging from almost crying, just feeling hollow and heavy at the same time. Maybe I can finish this up later, or tomorrow. But before I go now, just know that there's always going to be highs and lows. The lows suck all kinds of dick, but they aren't forever. I'll be fine soon enough and I have to remind myself of that. xoShay

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