Self Isolation: Keep Sane!

So it's the end of the world. Okay okay, maybe not, but things have gotten pretty wild. We're living in totally unprecedented times where we're recommended to self isolate and social distance from one another- and some places are under mandatory quarantine where citations are being given out to those seen outside (according to a friend in New Jersey). Basically, humans are being told to keep away from others in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. Where does that leave us? Mostly going crazy in our homes. I'm on day 6 of my post-travel self isolation and I'm managing to avoid going stir crazy (barely). The key has been to staying busy. We're currently in the middle of renovations for the house so we've always got little things to do. We actually just finished our current plan for painting the house and the living room and kitchen are looking stellar in mustard yellow and copper. I wanted a sort of earthy feel for the condo and I think it's perfect. Again, stay busy! If you're stuck in the house, find things to do: -Make a reading list and have at er'. -Make a Netflix list (this goes for all streaming sites) and have a movie marathon. -Make a list of unfinished video games and go through them. -Pick an area of the house each day that you wanna give a good deep clean. This'll fill some time, but also give you something to do for a few days. -Kon-Mari your house. Trust me. This is a life changing thing to do- it's a method that helps you go through all your things and declutter! If we know one another, I'd be happy to no-contact deliver the manga version of it that I have! -Bag/box up the stuff you plan to get rid of and drop it off at your local Value Village, or your preferred second hand shop! -Write down a list of things you'd like to learn and look for tutorials on the internet. For example, I wanna learn how to use Instagram better as a platform, so I'm using Skill Share videos to teach myself! -Etc. I feel like what entertains people differs a lot- this is just some ideas I'm throwing out for ya'll! Remember: There's only so much of being cooped up anyone can handle and I highly recommend something as simple as going for a drive, or a walk around the block. The hit of fresh air and sun immediately rejuvenates me. How's isolation/distancing going for ya'll?

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